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Question: What was Diana’s surname?
Answer: She was born Diana Frances Spencer; her father was heir to the 7th Earl Spencer.
Question: After attending a Swiss finishing school, Diana worked as a what?
Answer: She taught at the fashionable Young England school in Pimlico; she later was a nanny.
Question: When did she become engaged to Prince Charles?
Answer: They announced their engagement in February and married in July.
Question: What was the center stone of Diana’s engagement ring?
Answer: It was surrounded by 14 diamonds.
Question: When did Diana and Charles divorce?
Answer: They separated in 1992 and officially divorced four years later.
Question: At the time of her death in 1997, Diana was romantically linked with Dodi Fayed, whose father’s extensive holdings included what?
Answer: He sold the department store in 2010.
Question: Where was Diana going when she was fatally injured in a car crash?
Answer: They were driving from the Hotel Ritz to his apartment off the Champs-élysées.
Question: What singer performed at Diana’s funeral?
Answer: He sang Candle in the Wind, with lyrics rewritten for the occasion.
Question: Where was Diana buried?
Answer: She was interred on an island on the estate where she grew up.
President and Nancy Reagan with Prince Charles and Princess Diana in the Yellow Oval room. 11/9/1985

Princess Diana

Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library
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Princess Diana
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