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Question: Hinduism is the majority religion of India, with more than seventy percent of the country identifying as Hindu. Which of the following countries also claims a majority Hindu presence?
Answer: Nepal—more than 60% of Nepalese are Hindu.
Question: Which of the following is not an avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu?
Answer: Nataraja is an avatar of Shiva.
Question: The process by which Hindu concepts, deities, and practices spread throughout the Indian subcontinent is:
Answer: Sanskritization is the process by which Hindu concepts, deities, and practices spread throughout the Indian subcontinent. The name comes from Sanskrit, which is the classical language in which the Vedas (the sacred scriptures) were composed.
Question: Which of the following deities is the cosmic dancer through the universe’s creation and destruction?
Answer: Shiva is the cosmic dancer through the universe’s creation and destruction, as well as the originator of the dance’s rhythm.
Question: Which of the following religious reformers was considered during his lifetime to be an incarnation (avatar) of both the god Krishna and his beloved Radha in one body?
Answer: The medieval Bengali religious reformer and saint Chaitanya was considered to be an avatar of both Krishna and Radha.
Question: Which of the following goddesses is also associated with Shiva’s creative power?
Answer: Shakti is Shiva’s creative power.
Question: Which of the following festivals is associated with the goddess Lakshmi and is a time for the lighting of festive lamps and of fireworks displays?
Answer: Diwali is primarily associated with Lakshmi, although Kali is worshipped in Bengal.
Question: Which Vedic (scriptural) genre of texts are commentaries that explore the relationship between atman (the Self) and brahman (the Absolute)?
Answer: Each Upanishad explores the relationship between atman and brahman. The term originally meant “connection” or “equivalence,” and conveys the belief that the Self is fundamentally the Absolute.
Diwali holiday lamps or candles, India.  (Indian holiday, oil lamp, flame,  candle, fire)


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