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Question: Radio is electromagnetic.
Answer: Radio uses waves of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes light, heat, and X-rays.
Question: Hooke’s law has to do with elastic materials.
Answer: Hooke’s law of elasticity describes how the deformation of an object is translated into force. For example, when a rubber band is bent, the tension yields energy.
Question: Energy can be transmitted wirelessly.
Answer: There are many ways to transfer energy wirelessly. One is through lasers, another through radio waves, and still another through magnetic resonance.
Question: Radar is a system that uses waves of energy to sense objects.
Answer: Radar is a system that uses waves of energy to sense objects. It can find a faraway object and tell how fast it is moving. It is useful because it can sense objects even at night and through clouds.
Question: Microbes can provide energy.
Answer: Tiny creatures called microbes can eat newspaper, wood, leaves, plants, and other materials and convert them into sugars, which can in turn be made into energy.
Question: In the human body, food energy is stored in the hair.
Answer: In the human body, food energy is stored in fat tissue.
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